15th – 16th October 2019

Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai


Ning Wu

Ning Wu

President and CEO, Improvinglife Bio Technology (Shanghai) Co.

Mr. Ning Wu, President and CEO is a successful healthcare entrepreneur with a background in medical science. He obtained his master's degree in International Health Management from Imperial College London and his supervisor was professor Rifat who is the WHO consultant. He subsequently held a MBA degree in European School of management, University of Surrey, UK. After returning to China, he devoted himself to the cause of medical investment and international medical transformation, and carried out medical transformation cooperation with more than 100 tertiary hospitals in china.


Since 2012, Ning has assisted start-up businesses, serving as the founding C President and CEO for ImprovingLife (Shanghai) Co.Ltd. (http://www.improvinglife.cn). The company (ImprovingLife) is positioned to transform the field of medical therapeutics for treatment of malignant tumor with immune cells, to build “1+X” of cell therapy industrialization group. Mr. Ning Wu has also the establishment of three-dimensional focused large health immune cell therapy system, and has established cell therapy research & development and clinical application centers in Montgomery, U.S., Tokyo, Japan and Macao, China.

Mr. Ning Wu is responsible for a number of social responsibilities, including the Vice Chairman of bio-medicine branch in China High-Tech industrialization Association. In China Medicinal Biotechnology Association, he also is the team leader for the established standardization document of “quality management specification for preparation of immune cell-based medicinal products” (drafting vision). Additionally, He also is a management supervisor in the Second Military Medical University, the executive president of Shanghai Technology Transfer Association.