15th – 16th October 2019

Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai


Bernard Loeffke

Bernard Loeffke

Retired General, U.S. Military

In 1972, President Nixon’s visit to China ended eighteen years of no relations. In 1973, General Loeffke led the first group of young leaders to the PRC. In 1982, he became the first American to parachute with Chinese troops. His military history includes combat with special forces and parachute units. His last command was Commanding General of Army South. The General has
been wounded in combat, survived helicopter crashes and two parachute malfunctions. Part of his leg was removed to repair his damaged shoulder. Doctors told him that his parachute and swimming careers were over.

After two operations and physical therapy he went on to jump 40 more times, twice in combat. Three years after the parachute accident he won a US Army swimming championship. He has run marathons in China as a General, competed in a decathlon in Russia as a Colonel and was a US swimming champion as a Captain.